14 June (Day 1)

3:45PM — 4:45PM Chandruth Jayasiriwardena, Nimbus UAV

In this segment, Mr Chandruth will be introducing the real world applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in various industries such as Defence, Commerical and Agriculture.

11:30 AM — 12:30 PM    A/Prof Neo Kok Beng, Neo Aeronautics

In this segment, Prof Neo from Neo Aeronautics will share with us the flying car innovation and the exciting future he sees for the Aerial Mobility industry

15 June (Day 2)

2:15 PM — 03:15 PM   Chow Kok Wah, Program Director at Institution of Engineers Singapore Academy

Mr Chow Kok Wah have seen the aerospace industry evolve and develop to what it is today. With a background in training, Kok Wah is able to provide invaluable advice and insight to anyone considering a career in aerospace in a fun and interactive way.

3:45PM — 4:45PM    Hon Lung Chu, Head of Singapore and BD Southeast Asia, Volocopter

As electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology improves and becomes more accessible, congested roads and streets will slowly become a thing of the past. Mr Hon Lung Chu shares with us the journey of Volocopter and how it innovates towards a reality of flying cars

20 June (Day 7)

2:15 PM — 03:15 PM    Simon GWOZDZ, Founder/CEO of Equatorial Space Systems Pte Ltd

As technology progresses, there will be more opportunities for us to explore and work with space in the future. Mr Simon Gwozdz will give an overview on the basics of launch mechanics and rocket propulsion systems and also share his insight on Singapore’s involvement in space.

19 June (Day 6)

3:45PM — 4:45PM    NG Zhen Ning, CEO & Co-Founder of NuSpace Pte Ltd

Space research is made accessible and affordable with the availability of CubeSat, a type of miniaturized satellite. In this segment, Mr Ng Zhen Ning will share how NuSpace connects the world through IoT connectivity and other interesting applications of CubeSat

18 June (Day 5)

2:15 PM — 03:15 PM Nicolas ANG, CEO & Co-Founder of F-Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles can be used in many ways to improve our daily lives. Mr Nicolas Ang will discuss how drone have evolved, the potential benefits it brings, and also exciting careers that the drone industry has to offer.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Ian Lam, General Manager at Schaeffler Aerospace (Singapore)

Core Technologies to Enable Flying Cars

Developments of underlying core technologies are often the bedrock of breakthrough in adoption and the creating of brand new industries. The same is true as we stand at the cusp of an exciting flying car industry. In this session, Mr Ian Lam seeks to identify and explore the underlying core technologies that would be critical to drive the industry forward and what does it mean for the students of today.

17 June (Day 4)

11:30 AM — 12:30 PM    Hozefa Aziz Singaporewala, Founder and CEO of Duck Learning

Software has come a long way from the time of the first moon landing which was powered by code written on large sheets of paper! Mr Hozefa Aziz will share in a simple and easy-to-understand way on how coding and programming has evolved and how it can be applied to flying plane and even rockets!

2:15 PM — 03:15 PM     Rajarshi Maiti, Materials Capability Acquisition Engineer, Rolls Royce

Air travel will take to the skies again. And, technologies like electrification and digitalisation, are helping the transition to more sustainable aviation in the future. What will this look like? What other innovative solutions are required for the future of flying?

3:45PM — 4:45PM    Scottz Lip , Assistant director, Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Life Sciences and Chemical Technology

This segment will be exploring how drones are being used in the present and how they are being developed in the next 10 years. Mr Lip seeks to explore the question of: "How will you play a part in this exciting technology and why you want to be part of the revolution?"

16 June (Day 3)

2:15 PM — 03:15 PM     Robin Viva Thevathasan, Member, Panel of Experts at Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

Mr Robin Viva Thevathasan has a wealth of experience in the aerospace industry starting as an engineer and then moving on to senior management and advisory positions in his career. In this segment he will: - discuss the career journey of an aerospace engineer - explore the development and future of the aerospace industry; and - share his personal experience and tips for entering the industry

3:45 PM — 4:45 PM    Shawn Lee, Head of Innovation & Digital Solutions, Airbus

This segment will introduce Airbus, and its current and future innovations for the future of aerospace. Mr Lee will share Airbus' design philosophies, various products they have planned for the future, and the technologies involved in making their plans a reality.

Programme Lineup